Friday, September 18, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Hybrid Student - Thursday Edition

We have schooled at home for 9 years with an occasional outside of the home class thrown. Grace's beloved Ms. Christy has always been on the schedule for art or language arts classes. This year everything changed up a bit. First and foremost I knew I couldn't teach Chemistry and Geometry unless I buckled down this past summer and learned both subjects myself. You see, I didn't take either of those subjects in high school or college before getting married. Quite frankly, I didn't feel that I would be up to the challenge. Second, Grace had a desire to learn from a different teacher and go to a class with kids in her peer group. Third, I tutor five students three days a week and this gives me time to focus on them and not make me feel like I am leaving Grace high and dry without any real instruction. I tell you all this to give you some background information about why and how our days are structured this year.

First class of the day is with Ms. Christy at The Creative Canvas at 9:00 a.m. This is a literature class and they are just beginning to read Of Mice and Men. This is a small class but full of Grace's closest friends. This small group of friends have taken classes in this setting for the past four years. Class is held once a week and the teacher sends home the assignments for the following days until class meets again. I usually run errands during this hour then we head home for a very short break and lunch.

At 11:50 we travel to a local Christian private school for Grace to take her next two classes for the day, Geometry and Chemistry. This will be for two hours. She attends these classes twice a week and sometimes on Fridays when testing is going on. Again the teacher sends home assignments for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is a pet gecko in the math/science room that Grace loves. She plans on bringing her home during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so she won't be so lonely at the school.

September through the beginning of October usually finds Grace staying after school for a volleyball practice or game. Today there was a game and Yay! they won. She absolutely loves this sport and would play it year round if that was an option. Today my mom and a couple of Grace's friends came to watch the game. After the game was over it was back to the homestead for dinner. Before leaving the house at lunch I placed some food in the crockpot and had chicken tacos ready for us upon our return.

The rest of the evening was everyone getting caught on their own tasks, watching a little television, and talking with friends. This is about what every Thursday looks like for us until volleyball season ends. Eventful, busy, tiring days. That's what we live for.

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