Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Cooperative Director

Not all director duties are stressful. Who am I kidding, most of my director duties are fun and not stressful (except for registration days - very chaotic). I love my Cooperative families and kids. Most of us are friends outside of the Cooperative. This past Friday was one of those fun afternoons. We recently purchased new sound equipment. More microphones were in desperate need. The above pictures is the new purchase that came with 8 headset microphones and 8 lapels. Yesterday a group of us met to test them out in the gym where we perform to hope and pray they would work in a metal building. Thanks to our guru sound advisor everything worked beautifully. We are all so excited to have so much more volume to fill the gym so that every word can be heard at each and every performance.

With the headsets they kind of looked like members of a boy band and of course since we are a performing Cooperative, Disney music was the songs of choice for testing them out. After the sound was put away the kids decided on a pick up volleyball game. If I haven't mentioned it earlier - Grace is over the moon with playing volleyball and they won their first game this past Thursday.

After volleyball we all headed out to the local Mexican restaurant and stuffed ourselves with wonderful tasting food. The company was wonderful as well. I love these kids and families to pieces. Especially my co-director who is also one of my best friends for getting me through this last month of illness.

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Karen said...

I so admire you. I get so overwhelmed with a lot of things going on. But this sounds like so much fun!!! I wish we were close enough for Keilee to join you.