Friday, November 7, 2014

Back on Trim Healthy Mama - For Real This Time!

Coconut flavored candy bars
Trim Healthy Mama is a great way to go when you want to lose inches and pounds. Grace and myself did THM from January to April or May this year and we each lost 10 pounds and lots of inches. The only problem we found is that when you go off the diet the inches and bloat comes back. Over the past month or so the bloating has really started to bother me from all the carb mixing meals I was eating. So back on Trim Healthy Mama we go!

Red Lobster Style Biscuits
We are about to complete our first complete week back on THM and really it hasn't been that bad. There are a few things that we don't budge on. I eat a couple of squares of 70 percent dark chocolate a day and Grace get a few chips. I have lost 1 1/2 pounds in five days and can already feel the bloat and budge look in the mid section leaving.

Cheese Crips
Research, research, research is what makes this eating lifestyle work. Lots of hours on Pinterest looking up recipes to try that a teenager would eat. I am including links of some of our successes this week:
Baked Cali Tots - We tried this one because Grace's favorite thing in the world is French friends and potatoes. She liked these but didn't love them. To me and Scott they tasted similar to a hushpuppy and we did like them.
Red Lobster Style Biscuits - Again myself and Scott really liked these and Grace was ho hum. There are two versions and I used sour cream. Grace could taste the sour cream which she doesn't like. Next time I will try the whipping cream version.
Cheese Crisps - Very easy to create, only one ingredient - cheese. Supposed to be a crispy alternative to chips. They taste good but did not turn out very crispy. I think next go around they need to be cut thinner to get a crispier texture.
Butterfinger Bars - We needed something sweet in the house and this one was a winner for everyone. It tastes more like an almond joy than a butter finger but that may be due to using a coconut flavored peanut butter as opposed to plain peanut butter.
If you would like to see all the THM recipes I have collected please follow my board on Trim Healthy Board on Pinterest.

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North Laurel said...

Hello, fellow THMer :) I started THM in April 2013 and lost 30 lbs that has stayed off. The list of other improvements would be too long to put here. Thanks for the links here- I'm always needing new recipes! First stop, those butterfinger bars ;)