Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Happenings

The past few days have been kind of a whirlwind. Scott worked lots of extra hours this week due to inventory. Grace spent the night with friends on Friday night (pizza, ice cream. fire fly catching, swimming, etc.), she had a great time. Saturday was Art Festival day for Scott. The temperature and humidity was stifling. Me and Grace were only able to stay a little while before the heat and flies drove us to leave for home. Didn't make alot of money, but hubby was happy with the interactions he made with festival guests. Scott really treats this as a ministry and lots of his art work is religious in nature but with subtle undertones. Usually the art itself brings about conversations that lead to his testimony. Today was church and Grace brought a friend home. After some much needed yard work Scott will take them to the river to swim and hunt for creatures. I on the other hand started yesterday with some much needed deep cleaning and decluttering of the house. Yesterday I worked on my bedroom, closet and attic space. Tomorrow will be taking items to Sharing and Caring. Trying to decide at the moment which room to tackle next. Probably the school room and family room.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

Hey! Come on over here for the decluttering! I have several rooms that need it. You should see the school room. I can't even sew right now.