Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weeknd Happenings

As I mentioned in a previous post this weekend was the first with hubby working. I planned many things to keep Grace busy and her mind of daddy not being home. Actually alot of what we did started on Thursday and ran through today.

Thursday - School in the morning and a little in the afternoon after we got back from a local book fair and visiting a church friend in the hospital. Please pray for Jerry. He is in his mid 70's and has been diagnosed with cancer that has already spread to spine, lung, colon, and liver. I think at this point he has chosen not to do any treatment.

Friday - Went to the podiatrist to do a recheck on Grace's toe, looks normal she said. Went to a thrift store searching for clothing (nothing to be had) so went to Walmart instead. We were actually able to get two pairs of jeans for me, one pair of jeans for Grace, a jacket sweater and shirt for Grace, two shirts and a light weight jacket for me for 125.00. I thought that was pretty good. Went to a friends house for a playdate in the afternoon, out to dinner with said friends and then to the cemetery field trip.

Saturday - Went Christmas shopping with my mother and out to lunch. Was home by 2:30 at which point I began baking (nothing in the house like sweets and such) while Grace worked on a 1000 piece puzzle, read, played on the computer, created some hand drawn note cards and just hung out. So far I don't think she has had time to miss dad.

Sunday - Woke up early to go to the early service at church with hubby then invited a friend home with us for the afternoon. We will all have to go to choir practice at 4:30 and arrive back home for dinner. By then settle down for the evening. I am also currently working on finishing a few more scarves to sell at the church bazaar this coming weekend.

Obviously I will not be able to keep up this pace every weekend. But next Saturday should be busy with my Sonya Schaffer seminar to attend and Grace and my mother doing the Bazaar at the church.


The Zoo Keeper said...

I have a couple of crochet items I may give you to sell if you don't mind. I don't have enough items for a whole table.

Chris said...

Wow! A field trip to the cemetery! That's so cool. I was thinking some year around Halloween it might be cool to check out some famouse gravesites in some of the downtown Chicago cemeteries. What did you guys do that day?