Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today Will Be Busy

Today will prove to be a very busy day. November has proven to be one of those kind of months, where you just seem to be on the move alot. We will hopefully put in a couple hours of school this morning before heading out to Grace's final pottery class. After potter will hang out at that location for an hour finishing up any school work that wasn't finished this morning. At about 3:15 will head to High School drama practice for Les Mes. Drama practice is over at 5:00 but then we have to set up the stage and chairs for the audience for the Elementary performance tonight at 7:00 of Dickens You Say and Daniel the Shepherd Boy. Scott will be bringing dinner to us before the performance, not enough time to go home in between. Tomorrow the Elementary kids will have another performance for the school chapel. We are really looking forward to finishing up this last remnants of drama for this semester so we can move on to auditions for Alice in Wonderland and start practicing. The yearly musical is always everyone's favorite thing to do in drama all year.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Your day's crazy and mine got calm. Both boys are sick, so school with the girls and my Dad is taking Julia to trumpet lessons. I only have to leave the house 1 time tonight for Abby's basketball game! I could become a hermit.