Thursday, November 4, 2010


After lunch today we went to a local book fair and some thrift stores. My main objective was to find some jeans for Grace and a white shirt to go with part of her costume for Les Mis. I was pretty successful. Brought home two shite shirts, a pair of jeans, jean skirt for me, 5 books and two puzzles for 8.00. Bought a couple of chapter books for Grace at the book fair and some crafty things. On Saturday I hope to go to a bigger thrift shop to find me some shirts and Grace another pair of jeans. Then we should be set for a while. I have been wearing the same shirts for about three years and they are getting pretty worn out in shape and color. Clothes really don't interest me that much. Our church is pretty low key so I don't need really dressy clothes, not to mention that because of my husband's new work schedule we will be going to the early service which is even more casual. I would also like to find a couple more ceramic or class canisters to keep my baking supplies in.

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Annie Kate said...

I can so identify with not being very interested in clothes. However, I'm changing. Since I find myself appreciating it when my girls dress up, I'm learning to pay a bit more attention to how I look. The things a mom learns from her kids!Even so, most of my clothes are 'new to me' rather than from a retail store.

Have fun thrifting! It is a great way to get excellent quality; only the good stuff lasts long enough to make it into the thrift shops. LOL

Annie Kate