Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking and Running Errands

It seems like my life revolves around teaching school to Grace, running errands and cooking. Yesterday I cooked/baked from 9a.m. to 1:00p.m. I boiled some eggs and made egg salad for hubby to take to work for lunches. We were out of anything sweet to eat and that just won't do around here. I baked my tried and true choc. chip blondies but this time I made them a little more healthy by using whole wheat white instead of white flour. Of course my son noticed the difference and asked if I would go back to the White flour the next time I made them. Next I noticed that I had four very ripe bananas and knowing my clan they would be trashed. Thats just wasteful, so I looked up a new recipe for banana bread and made that too. Still need to fit in some time to make some bread. Next week I will be baking alot. I plan on making some baked goods to sell our our church's holiday bazaar. Then today was running errands day: to Holland's for fresh produce (noticed they sale honey at a lower price than the other produce store, will have to get it there next time, I go through alot of honey when making granola bars), took Grace out to lunch, attendance forms to the board of education, library to pick up on hold books and back to the homestead to finish school for the day.

On a side note I didn't know if I had mentioned that hubby did get the new schedule he was after. So now he will be home four days a week and work three long days. We are all excited about this. Also wanted to mention that the chickens are loving their new day run we built over the weekend.

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