Friday, November 12, 2010

Something New For School Next Week

I have had this book on hold at the library for forever. Finally got it today. We didn't read the book"The Princess and the Kiss", but opted for the companion book instead. If you are not familiar the story and devotional book is to teach your daughters about purity. There are 21 days worth of lessons on purity and saving yourself for marriage. Very age appropriate because the saving part is referred to as a kiss. Quoted from the book: "These life lessons are packed with a wisdom from God's Word, truths that all young girls need to know as they guard their purity, whether they're six or sixteen."
As CMers most of our writing stems around narrations. This next week we will jump in to our first research paper. Grace will learn about outlines, topic sentences, main ideas, sources, first drafts, revisions, and how to write a bibliography. We wanted to start with something very simplistic and focus more on the logistics of how to actually write the paper. Went to the library and just let her browse to decide what her topic would be. She is an animal lover to the core, so she chose a few books about Pandas.

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Annie Kate said...

The Princess and the Kiss is on our shelves, too. I should get it out sometime! Thanks so much for the reminder.

Annie Kate