Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Projects

This is my Valentine's gift. My brother in law gave us some wall paper that is dry erase. Hubby glued it to a board and built a frame. We also had the part that holds the dry erase pens. My husband is great at repurposing items. So excited to have a big dry erase board to show math problems on, of course Grace just wants to draw.
Today was full of projects, some new and some unfinished for a month or so ago. We were to have our group's Valentine party on Friday but due to weather had to postpone it until Monday. Grace finished making her cards and we both made the cookies. Of course now we are expecting snow again, hoping we can still have the party tomorrow.

As I mentioned before hubby made me more shelves for Christmas and one required a door. Finally got that finished today. We also hung a cork board on it to hang art work and such.

This is where you can find Grace in her free time.


Leslie said...

Great job on the projects! Love the dry erase board. We have a small one and mine also love to draw on it.

Hope you are able to have your party tomorrow!


Bronwyn said...

Love your homeschool area! The dry erase board looks like a great addition.
The cookies look delicious!
Hope you can have your party tomorrow too!

Debbie S. said...

Good for your husband - making new things out of old! I tried to convince mine of this over the weekend, even took him to the "Funky Junk" site (sidebar button on my blog) to see all the junk she has made into something new. He didn't buy it!

I love to see projects getting done!

have a blessed week:)


brightandnew said...

I *love* your home ed area, I wish we had enough space for something like that. The dry erase board is a great size, what a fantastic gift :)