Thursday, February 4, 2010

Drama, Snow, and Schoolwork

Got up this morning to go to fine arts classes. I dropped Grace off for her chorus and handicrafts class so I could go check on mom and see how she was fairing after the infusion yesterday. I had seen her worse. Some nausea and vomiting but not as bad as the times before. Got back for drama at 12:00. We have about 25 kids in the drama department and right now we are practicing for The Music Man. You would not believe how pumped these kids are about dancing and singing. Even the boys. They are loving it. The costumes are going to be fabulous. During the last hour of drama it started snowing. No snow was was in the forcast for our area or anywhere close to us. It snowed and sleeted for the next three hours. It snowed pretty heavily off and on but not much stuck. Did some schoolwork this afternoon ( Tuesdays and Thursdays are always our light book work days due to fine arts classes). Finished The Sign of the Beaver. Baking bread again, hopefully this one will rise just like the last. Crossing my finger. Taking a school day off tomorrow to go have a play date with friends, then off to dinner and the grocery store with hubby.

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School for Us said...

The musical sounds like lots of fun. And,snow!!! How fun. And, especially since you weren't expecting it. Enjoy!