Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baking Questions

Now that I am cooking alot of items from scratch we are going through alot of white and wheat flour. I was looking online for buying these bulk and was curious if anyone has ideas of where to purchase larger quanities at better prices. Here are some of the items I am looking to purchase when tax refund comes back, any help would be appreciated:
Mozarella Cheese
Yeast in powder form
Baking soda
Baking powder
Nonfat powdered milk
Cocoa Powder
Fructose sugar
White Flour
Whole White Wheat Flour


Tanya said...

I live in Australia and I can purchase flour etc in large quantities from a wholesale restaurant supplier which works out especially cheap as they are just up the road. Remember to factor in travel cost when weighing up savings. Maybe you could find a similar wholesaler who sells to the public. Storing 10kg of flour and more can be a challenge too so ask your local bakery to see if they have any fondant buckets or the like.

The Zoo Keeper said...

We have a warehouse club membership. You can go with me next time I go if you want. They have all of this in bulk amounts.

Chiot's Run said...

You should look around for a local co-op. I have one through which I purchase 50lb bags of organic sugar, flour, wheat berries, raisins etc. Perhaps you could find a bulk food store in your area as well. This is where I get baking soda (I make my own baking powder) and other things like that.