Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Typical Day and Update on Mom

Typical day. Do homeschooling families actually have typical days? I would have to say that no two days really look the same around here. We are constantly studying different things and going different places. Here is what a Wednesday looked like at our house:

  1. Science- Started back reading our Zoology book about flying creatures. New chapter is Social Insects.
  2. Math - Working in our new Life of Fred book about Fractions, also working on the new Pet Store Business math book from Simply Charlotte Mason.
  3. Just about finished reading The Sign of the Beaver. Grace really has enjoyed this book. Next on the agenda for History will be a book about James Monroe. If I haven't mentioned it before we are going through American History chronologically using the Truthquest History Guides.
  4. Olympics Lapbook - I purchased a lapbook from Currclick about the Winter Olympics and Ancient Greece. So far this has interested Grace more also. I am trying to get her to start working a little more independently with the lapbooks.(i.e. reading and finding answers to questions, research, etc).
  5. Finished the third spelling book in the series from Queenhomeschool and now starting a dictation book from Simply Charlotte Mason.
  6. Grace is reading Mr. Popper's Penguins for fun for 15 minutes each day.
  7. Proverbs Bible Study and Scripture memorization.
  8. Pronouns for grammar.
  9. Grace also reads for 30 minutes each night a book of her choice. Lately she has been spending her reading time with either Percy Jackson or The Warrior Series.

Grace also enjoyed working on her new crochet project today. We had to get school finished early today because I had a doctor's appt. (just yearly physical). Blood pressure is up a bit and will have to watch that, both my parents have high blood pressure. Speaking of parents, my mom started her infusions again today and will be every week for another three weeks. We did get the CT scan results and there has been no new growths and the tumors that are there have not grown. So all in all good CT results.


Bronwyn said...

It sounds like you are doing lots of interesting things with Grace.
Happy for you that your mom had some good news today. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

Alex said...

How do you like Life of Fred?
My oldest dd did the Pet Store Math last year, she loved it!