Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peaceful Saturday

Got up this morning and fixed breakfast for the family. Just biscuits, but it was good. Started cleaning some of the house and starting a loaf of bread. It is really hard to live frugally when you have no time to do anything. Haven't had fresh bread in days. Decided to do a little school today and play catch up. The first two photos are of a lapbook we finished today about the Olympics. Took about three weeks, also read plenty of books about Ancient Greece and the First Olympics Games. The Percy Jackson movie fit in nicely with all of this.

Grace's newest passion is designing. Got this little sketch book with stencils from Walmart for 10.00 that her papa gave her. He is always looking out for her and giving her money to buy herself things. This has been a good buy, she has used it every day and enjoys it very much. She also got the new Percy Jackson book. Speaking of my dad, he is much better and came home today. I am going over in a little while to cook dinner for my parents. My mom is pretty tired. Hopefully life can start getting back to normal and she can get some rest before having to go for her chemo treatment on Wednesday. It will be good to see everyone at Emory, haven't been in about 3-4 weeks. On Monday I have to go get the dreaded mammogram. Please pray that everything will be fine, because quite frankly I do not have time to get sick. Taking care of too many other people.


Jessica said...

Such a cute lapbook--I love those little 6-sided mini books!

Glad your mama is getting back on schedule!

I'll keep you in my thoughts Monday--boy have I had my share of mammograms. Mammmogram, schmammogram!

I'm sure everything will be fine. Don't worry! :)

The Zoo Keeper said...

Glad you had a nice Saturday! Grace is really doing well with all of the drawing. The yard sale was a bust. Circle of Hope had some really great stuff though. See you tomorrow!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I'm so glad to hear that today was better for you! Still praying!

The lapbook looks wonderful!


Anonymous said...

My daughter is in to designing at the moment, we gave her a paper fashion design book for Christmas and she loves it!

Will be praying for you today.

Blessings x

Tracy said...

Glad to hear things are getting better! You are doing a great job with keeping life all together for your family!!! Many prayers your way! :)