Friday, November 20, 2015

When You Find the Perfect Shoe

I have raved about these bad boys twice already on Instagram. I love them that much. When you suffer with feet problems like myself, going on for about 6 years, you really want to find something to help that doesn't cost a fortune. The podiatrist usually recommends shoes from her office, but I have always been reluctant to make that purchase. I suffer from planter fasciitis initially brought on by too much jumping, probably in the wrong shoe, with Jazzercise and Zumba. It had gotten to the point that the pain in my heals would come and go depending on what type of exercise I was participating, other types of shoes I was wearing, and how much time I was up on my feet.
This past summer was the nail in my feet coffin. I wore flat sandals and flip flops too much and viola the pain came back in a major way. I went on a mission to Belks to find something that was comfortable and a bit stylish to wear on a daily basis.

In walks Sketchers Go Walks. Love, love, love them. I can stay in them all day and not have a bit of trouble. No painful heals. I loved them from the beginning so much that I purchased two pair to get me started. A couple of weeks ago I added the beige pair for the fall. My next purchase will be the navy blue and maybe the black until the spring and summer colors come back out. So anybody wondering what I want for Christmas and this would be it. The Go Walks run anywhere from 39.00 - 79.00 depending on a sale, which style, and what store you are shopping. I bought each and every pair - no one paid me to do this post.