Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

What We Studied or Discussed This Week
Conjunctions, Syllables, and Pronouns Review
North Korea
Jackie Robinson
Brown vs. Board of Education
Least Common Multiples
Cell Structure

What We Are Reading
Manga Molecular Biology
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Eagle of the Ninth
God's World News
Who Am I? 
A new project from Grace. We are readying ourselves to print all her stuff for the arts festival in May.

Review In Progress
Eagle of the Ninth Study Guide (post next week)
Papa's Pearls
Composer Lapbook Study
Spanish For You
Luke's Lists
College Prep Genius 


What We Are Watching
Growing Up Wild
Liberty Treehouse
CNN Student News
Science Friday
Miracle At Midnight
Driv Thru History

Classes Grace Attended
Acts of Faith Practice
Drama Class
Art History Class
Choir Class
Writing Class
Pond Life Class

Our favorite curriculum this week is hands down Spanish For you which is a current review for us. Grace just comes alive when studying foreign language. Also she really loves watching CNN Student News, Liberty Tree House and now we have added Science Friday to the mix. She is definitely a visual kind of learner. Life is crazy right now with getting ready for cooperative recitals on the 22nd of April and then three performances of Aladdin in May. 

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Jessica said...

We have struggled with so many foreign language programs. I even purchased Rosetta Stone but my oldest has a hard time with the pronunciation and the program may not always move her forward. This program looks great. I have a very good spanish-speaking friend who may be willing to help us out. It looks like their full curriculum will be available in June - perfect timing for next year.

Do you have any criticisms of the program?

Karen said...

What a great week Diane. I am loving how you list everything. Grace is REALLY talented! I will have to check into Spanish for You.