Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Spring Break Week

With this being Spring Break week their was not a lot of "schooly" stuff going on. We did continue working on three of our review items: a composer lapbook study, Eagle of the Ninth study guide, and Margarethe (a book about church history). We also received two new reviews we will start on Monday: Papa's Pearls and Spanish For You.

Here are a Few Things We Did Over the Week

This is one of our all time favorite sweets and so easy to make. Ritz crackers, peanut butter, and candy coating.

Played some games and puzzles.

Went out one day and got some girly pedicures. Grace said too girly for her and she wouldn't be doing it again.

What We Are Reading

Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck
77 Days in September
Eagle of the Ninth
Free to Learn

What We Are Watching
Gilmore Girls
The Hobbit
Good Luck Charlie
Kid's AFV Favorites

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Erin D said...

Pedicures are where we get to be girly! I'd never do it to my hands but with feet there are no limits. :)

Love your reading lists this week!

Anonymous said...

We usually make those Ritz cracker treats at Christmas...but we might have to make some this week too;) Yum!