Wednesday, April 17, 2013

E is for English - Curriculum 2013- 2014

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My first choice for English this year is something I reviewed last year, King Alfred's English. I thoroughly loved this book and recommend very highly. Last year I read it and shared some of the interesting parts my family along the way. In the Fall I will have Grace read through this by herself and use the corresponding worksheets and tests that are provided free on the Shorter Word website. It is a fascinating book about how the English language came to be throughout history.

Another one of my favorites is Story Starters. We used this some for 7th grade but since Grace took a Beginners Essay Writing class for 8th grade we didn't do a lot of writing at home. So this coming school year we will focus more on creative writing with Story Starters again.

Marie's Words is a new product that we will be using for vocabulary. I am really excited about getting into these cards and having some fun.

I have chosen some books to read for literature off of our shelves. I hope to have her at least write a written summary of each book once she finishes reading them. As many of you know, Grace is not fond of writing. The above choices are: The Twenty-One Balloons, The White Dove, The Little Lamb, A Year Down Yonder, Gentle Ben, and Huckleberry Finn.

Last but not least Language Lessons for the Secondary Child from QueenHomeschool. We are currently using this book and won't finish it before the end of the "school year". We will continue with throughout next year until it is finished. Many of the picture studies, written narrations, and poetry segments need to be accomplished.

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