Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tweaking Recipes

Lately I have enjoyed just like everyone else on the planet with pinning lots of recipes to pinterest. I am partial to baking but I am trying more and more dishes too.  I love tweaking recipes to make them be a little more healthy and less calories. Currently my favorite products to use as substitutes are: Greek yogurt, ground flaxseed meal, natural applesauce, and lower calorie sugars. I really like the sugar/stevia mixture but have not been able to find that in brown sugar yet.

Today was a quiet day at home, which for me meant baking. During the week I have very little time to bake. So when I have an entire afternoon I like to try different recipes then once they have cooled put them in the freezer to bring out later. Otherwise I would eat everything in site and then gain back all the weight I have lost.
This is cinnamon bread which will be used for breakfast this week. Grace even gave it a resounding thumbs up and she really doesn't even like sweets. So that is saying a lot.

Next we have the 58 calorie muffin that is so moist it tastes like a piece of chocolate cake. This was a winner with everyone in the family. You can find this one on pinterest easily.

Last but not least is peanut butter pound cake. Scott has been asking me for ages to make this. I found a new recipe and did much substituting. He can taste this when he gets home from work tonight. 


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

They look scrumptious!! Peanut butter pound cake? Now that sounds intriguing!! Happy Sunday!! :)

Fran said...

Mmmmmm any chance you could post the recipe for those muffins? X

Carol J. Alexander said...

Thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre hop and please join us again this week: