Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a Blessing

Yesterday Acts of Faith (Grace's traveling drama ministry group) had two performances. First off I need to say that I have known this group of kids for the past few years and they are all great. They love each other, love spending time together, and can get very silly. Acts of Faith have been practicing since August on lots of new material. Yesterday was our first performance of the year. In the morning we performed at the leader of the group's church and it went very well. Last night though was the real blessing. The group performed at Victory Home which is a men's alcohol recovery home. The group did great with the performance and the men so enjoyed it and could really identify with all the skits we did. It really energized the group to see how affected the men were from the performances. We hope to go back and perform for them again in a few months with some new material. We all loved being there visiting with the men even hubby was so impressed with the facility and staff that he hopes to go back in January and start serving in some way. Great, great day.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Victory Home is such a great place! We shared Thanksgiving dinner with them and heard several of their testimonies.