Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Monday

 Let's see just how random I can be:

  • Tonight is the last of all our performances for December. Last week was two of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Very exhausting. Tonight is recitals for choir, puppetry arts, tone chimes and dance. Looking forward to a few weeks away from the cooperative to regroup.
  • Female issues in your 40s is the pits. I will be having a smallish procedure on Friday. Your prayers would be appreciated.
  • Me and Grace cheated a bit this week with food. Still trying to adhere to Weight Watchers as best we can during the month of non stop parties associated with eating. I still lost one pound and Grace stayed the same. 
  • Only one more present to buy, buts lots of stuff that still need to be made for the family Christmas baskets we are giving this year.
  • Loving participating with Journey to Bethlehem from Bow of Bronze. Last night we made cinnamon dough ornaments. The house smells wonderful.
  • Currently baking blondies for the recital tonight and I won't even be able to eat them. That is just torture.
Hope everyone has a great Christmas. God Bless.


Nicole said...

Lots of Christmas season fun!! Don't beat yourself up about weight loss during the month of December. If you can just maintain, you are probably one step ahead of the majority of the country! :)

Deb said...

Yeah, I agree with Nicole! You are doing great!

Being peri-menopausal is really awful. I feel you, dawg.

Amber said...

I bet that is torture! Blondies are my favorite. :)