Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Relaxing Days of Christmas

After my minor surgery on Friday I was forced to sit down and relax. That is very difficult for a type A personality like me. Since I felt well and wasn't in any more pain I used this opportunity to sit at the kitchen table and do a lot of creating with Grace. I asked hubby to bring in some twigs from the woods and I planned on making stars to hang with ribbon in front of my window. When he had them bunched together I found something else to do with them. Me and Grace created and rustic tree or home made ornament. I asked her to draw me some owls which she did, and I hung buttons with twine.

Grace painted some snowmen that we need to hang on our alternative tree. The canning lids will also be turned into Snowmen heads then attached to a bamboo stick and put in my Christmas baskets for decorations.

We did a lot of art journaling over the last few days. Me, Grace and hubby would sit at the kitchen table each night after dinner to create pages. The picture below was drawn by Grace, but it is not an original idea from her. I found the picture on Pinterest and loved it so much I asked her to draw it for me. She is so talented and did such a great job.

Last year we tried our hand at a gingerbread house and it was just too intense. So this year we decided to create something a little easier. Below is our forest of colorful Christmas trees. This was actually a hard activity in another way, we are still sticking with weight watchers through the holidays and all that candy was killing us. It has been so much fun creating things for Christmas. 

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Lexi said...

Fun ideas! Love the popsicle stick snowmen!

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