Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food Pantry

Every month me and Grace help with our church's food pantry. This month we all wanted to do something a little more special for the families that came to the pantry. We collected toys to hand out as well as bags of fruit and bags of goodies to go along with the box of food. Every food pantry day is busy but this one was crazy! We open at 10 but had people waiting at 9:15. By the time we actually started there was about 30 people waiting to get in. Each family/person has to talk to a counselor before getting their box. We simply ask how they are doing, if they have any problems, and ask to pray with them. We handed out 104 boxes and actually ran out of food before our closing time. That is a first for us. I think in the future we may have to make more boxes. It is such a blessing to be able to work there and many of the same people return each month so you get to know them. It is also a very humbling experience to see so many families with so little.

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Thank you for the kind comment left on my blog, most esp your prayers.