Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Trip to Emory

Today was my mom's first chemo treatment which is part of a clinical trail. It is not traditional chemo, in that, she probably won't loose her hair or be sick alot. Hopefully we will only be looking at fatigue. It was a long day. The cancer center at Emory was packed today. The hospital was trying to get everyone's treatments in that usually take 5 days of the week in only three days because of the holidays. Luckily, being part of the clinical kind of has its perks. If you can even think along those lines with chemo. Anyone participating in the clinical is infused in a seperate area away from everyone else. Each patient gets their own flat screen TV to watch while infusion is taking place, and our infusion only takes 45 minutes. But, since this was our first time we were there from 9:20 until 2:00. I am thinking the following times will not be so long. We will have to go every week for almost six months. Infusion is four weeks on and two weeks off for rest. The nurses were very nice, helpful, and funny. The traffic coming back home was awful. We have a 1 1/2 hour drive home from Emory. Because of two accidents and people leaving town for the holidays it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes. Of course we did stop halfway home for a milkshake.


Debbie S. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog this week. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


Jessica said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight & leaving such kind words. Merry Christmas! I will keep your mom in my prayers.