Monday, November 30, 2015

When Goodwill Moves to Town

Goodwill moved into our neck of the woods, a really small town, in September. It has become myaplace of choice to shop. My hubby kids that if they opened a Starbucks inside of Goodwill, you might never see me again.
My go to items tend to be books, DVDs, board games, linens, formal wear, occasional clothing, and odds and ends for the house.

My most recent finds include a pet carrier (4.00), pitcher (2.00), and chest (6.00) to store blankets in my bedroom. Two weeks ago an upright piano showed  up for 85.00 dollars. That baby would have been mine if we could have figured out how to get a 500 pound piano up the stairs into our cabin.

I go to take a look at least twice a week. I never spend too much. Just a little here and there. The funny thing is over the past two days we cleared out boxes and boxes of items and some furniture to de - clutter the house. So any new purchase is thought over and pondered about the new look I want my house to present. Our house has pretty much looked the same for the past 10 years and I haven't had much interest in changing it. In walks Small Spaces Big Style from HGTV and all that changes. I'm looking to create more storage, have clean table and counter tops, and less stuff lying around.

Can't wait for the next visit.