Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Happenings 2015

Friday night started off the fun weekend activities. We attended a Fall Festival at the private school Grace attends two days a week for math and science. Her plans were to dress up both the dogs the following night and take them into town. Friday night was a trial run for Zeus. He went as Grace's "date" due to her significant other marching in a football game a few counties away. They went as Batman (Zeus is wearing bat wings) and cat woman. He was a very good boy but was scared most of the time, so we nixed taking them the next night were the crowds would have been huge and overwhelming.

Grace painted another pumpkin this year for a contest at the school. If you remember last year she also painted a pumpkin with a scene from Nightmare Before Christmas. She won first place.

Saturday night we attended a long running tradition in Clarkesville of trick or treating up in the town square. Each business hands out candy. Think huge crowds and lots of candy. We stayed only a short while. The kids, and I use that term lightly because we are talking about teenagers, were disappointed that hardly anyone got the pun of their costume. "When life hands you lemons".
We headed straight over to my sister's house for a costume party. Great food, bonfire, costume contest, family, and friends. My sister is always great at the decorating thing and making sure her guest have a good time.

It was a good Halloween. With Grace being a junior this year I maybe have one more before she really starts doing her own thing. That's kind of said, but I'll take the year and hopefully in the future (very distant future) I might have grandchildren to walk around with on Halloween. My parents have always been involved in the Halloweens with my kids which makes it even more special.

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