Sunday, April 6, 2014

The THM Journey So Far

To tell you the truth it really hasn't been that bad. From my pictures you can probably see a theme going on here, Chocolate.  That isn't the only thing I have made though, or eaten. I just forgot to take pictures of the other items. As I mentioned in one of my last posts we have started on the Trim Healthy Mama plan to hopefully lose 20 pounds each. What I like most about this plan is you pretty much eat normal, healthy foods. There is a learning curve with counting fats, carbs, and occasionally sugars but it is doable. My book should arrive on Tuesday and then I can get into the nitty gritty of how the plan works. Until that time we are trying some new things that we have found on blogs and the THM Beginners Group on Facebook has lots of information and downloads to get you started. Of course the first thing I tried was skinny chocolate and one of the smoothie/shakes that you can use for a snack. Both are satisfying for me and Grace is getting there. 

The first trip to the grocery store was a shocker. Wally World was $190.00 and Ingles was another $100.00. Plus I need to replace our old blender and purchase some whey protein powder from Amazon which cost another $99.00. The above amounts may be shocking but most of the items used on the plan have simply not been food items that we purchase. Many of the items purchased will be used over many weeks and months before being repurchased. So far I can tell the items that will need to be purchased often: lowfat cottage cheese, lowfat cheeses, fat free yogurt, sobe life water, lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies. The only item I am still lacking is almond flour for Bread in Mug and Cake in a Mug recipes. Tomorrow night will be my first crockpot meal for dinner that is completely on plan. Looking forward to seeing what the family things. I will keep you posted.

What was even more fabulous was that when I posted the other day about Trim Healthy Mama another family I know that has one child with a seizure disorder and another with diabetes saw it. She is constantly having to work on both of their diets to keep them in check. She has tried a few dinners and thinks these will be wonderful for her family. I am so happy she can use it as well.

To me the skinny chocolate tastes like magic shell which is the hard chocolate coating on ice cream.

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