Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Learning to Sew

We have had three great sets of fabric sitting around the house for two years that were purchased to make skirts for Grace. I found out that one of my really close friends does a little sewing. Lately we have been meeting once a week to hang out. Now our weekly visits are taking on a whole new meaning. Today Grace sewed her first piece of clothing.

My friend was a great teacher. Very patient. Grace had a great time and was really happy with her finished product. We still have two more skirts to finish but now that we have made one the process will get faster.


LJS said...

Congratulations! There is such pride in making clothing. I can see that she would love it. I think sewing is an art form.

Unknown said...

So awesome. We really need to do more sewing around here. I'm not very good at it so my patience is low with it. But I really want my girls, and myself to get better with it.