Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Self-Imposed Media Diet

Grace has put herself on a self-imposed media diet as of yesterday. She actually noticed that she was watching too much tv and on the computer too much. She wants to concentrate more on her studies and learning other subjects in the afternoon after "real" school work is accomplished. I am proud of her for recognizing these problems but also know it will be a process for her to actually wean herself away from all the electronics. Yesterday she was very gung ho about the whole process and this afternoon after lunch and school she is noticing how hard it will be. I had already mentioned to her this week about the list I was making for her for the summer of items she could do before going to the tv or computer. She was okay with it at that time, so now we have just moved the time table up some. Here is the expanded list of choices for her when she can't think of something on her own:

  • Bird watching with new bird book - sketch birds from the book

  • Listen to audio books

  • Read

  • Work in garden

  • Draw something other than anime or sonic

  • Paint with watercolors

  • Listen to mom read aloud a story

  • Go to library

  • Crafts, jewelr making, etc

  • Work on a puzzle

  • Review greek flashcards

  • Play board game or cards

  • Go on a walk

  • Go on a hike

  • Create with legos

  • Watch a documentary with parents

  • Home Ec activity

  • Use review flashcards

  • You tube to relearn how to macrame

  • Play with baby chicks

  • Practice some math problems

  • Create with clay

  • Review vocabulary cards

  • Pick and animal book off the science shelf to look at and read

  • Develop a comic strip

  • Continue working on novel

  • Start a new story

  • Sketch and learn to draw dragons again