Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chicken Updates

Well, first things first, the babies came out of the nursery today with their first taste of freedom. They loved every minute of it. Three nights ago they started roosting like proper grown up chickens. I have lost track of time but I think we are at 16 - 18 weeks old. We will be away from the home over the next three days a lot so they will need to be content in the nursery and on Sunday I will start letting them out on a daily basis.

Today also found Scott tearing down the old nursery. He had much help from the flock. The base of the nursery was built with many rocks. There favorite past time is having Scott turn over the rocks so they can search for bugs and worms.

One of the Buffs has gone broody, now I must decide if she gets to sit on eggs or not. The main problem is that the other birds will jump right into the nest with her and lay their eggs. I would need to mark all of the sitting eggs with a sharpie and check really well every day, otherwise more eggs will be added all the time.


Nicole said...

So fun! I wish we could have chickens! Again city ordinances, though. We are going to incubate and hatch eggs in July through the university extension office. They have a lesson plan you buy for $20 and then they supply the incubator and eggs. We are going to keep the chicks for a couple of weeks and then pass them onto another homeschool family. They are meat chickens, so I don't want to get too attached to them anyway. It's all about the Life Cycle experience.

Fran said...

They really are very pretty chickens, lovely colours x