Friday, December 9, 2011

Where Does It All Go

Money that is. I think it doesn't matter how much you make it still goes fast. We have been living fairly frugal for the better part of two years, but still can't seem to make progress. I think the money sucker in our family is transportation. One car will be paid off in 5 months, motorcycle still has two years, and the newer car still has two years. Motorcycle was purchased because of gas prices and hubby has to drive one hour and 15 minutes to work three days a week. In one sense it did save on gas but for those of you out there with motorcycles the money you spend on maintenance almost makes it not worth it. On a side note hubby's business took a big hit yesterday and lost 25% of their business. Some truck drivers and warehouse employees will be laid off. This will affect us in a shift change back to four ten hour days a week which increases gas prices and wear and tear on the car. But we feel blessed to still have a job. After paying bills today what is left for the next two weeks will have to cover gas and groceries as well as one doctor appt. Hubby did call today from work to let me know his company gave him a $50.00 gift card to Kroger. He had mentioned giving it to me to make goodies for Christmas presents for neighbors, etc., but I mentioned with our low funds over the next two weeks I would rather use it for some meat to stock the freezer. I don't mind staying at home and not spending money. Although this time of the year it is kind of difficult because of the holidays. As I mentioned before Christmas will be on a much smaller scale than previous years. Sorry for all the rambling, I know that many of you out there are going through all the same thoughts and problems. The only thing I wish to encourage you to do is stock up. Times are only going to get worse.


Staci said...

It is so very difficult to get and keep your head above water. And you're right, no matter how much you make it certainly goes fast. Just one very small trip to the grocery store can send your finances spinning. I did ok with my garden this year, but wasn't able to freeze and can very much produce. Next year my goal is to get us set for as much of the winter as possible with veggies and fruit. It never ends!! Have a good weekend.

Fran said...

Things are really being squeezed over here in the UK and prices are just going up and up. We have no end of people living in fuel poverty this year. Although money is tight with us, we count our blessings that so far we have not been seriously affected. As a family, we have put a limit on how much we spend on presents and concentrate more on enjoying spending our time together xxx

Free Spirit Beth said...

We all share the same boat it seems. I try to stock up but find it hard to do so. Grocery bill has increased, gas as well. I seem to bulk my travel together to one large trip that takes the entire day. We begin early and home late as living in the country effects our travel.
Praise God for the job even with the added hours it is a shame but must be right now.

Debbie said...

You are so right! Money seems to be flying out of our hands! Especially at the grocery store.

I've determined that after Christmas, I am coming up with a new budget and calling a family meeting.

I hope y'all have a great and blessed Christmas, in spite of money being tight.

Personally, I kind of wish we were still in the days of being happy with some oranges in our stockings!