Monday, November 14, 2011

Time To Get Serious

About exercise that is. I have jumped started an exercise program for me and Grace several time over the past two years and nothing seems to stick. The funniest time I ever seemed to have with exercise was going to Jazzercise, but for the two of us to join was just to expensive. Well this weekend I got a one time deal for this week to join for the year for $199, normally it is $470. Luckily I know the owner very well from church and she let me add on Grace for just $99 for the entire year. So much to Grace's dismay (she really doesn't want to do it) we will embark on this exercise journey together starting at the end of the week. Grace is not athletic and has never participated in any sports so I feel it is important to instill in her the need to stay healthy and starting an exercise routine early on in life so that it becomes a habit. Of course this is not going to be easy for me either. I have gained 20 pounds in the last 1 1/2 years and my health has not been the greatest. Stamina way down. I am sure it will be a slow process to bring me back to speed.


Kelly Rhoades said...

Good luck! I got the same letter but can't do it due to my ankles. Go Grace Go!!!!!

Fran said...

If you enjoy the exercise that is half the battle. I get gym membership for £10 per year and that includes a personal trainer, but it doesn't mean that I go regularly. I tend to go in fits and starts. You have given me the push to go again this week so we can both eat the cakes at the weekend without guilt!! xxx

Staci said...

Once you get in the habit it will be much easier. :)